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    MAN ES AEngine tests scheduled for H1 2023


    Thomas Hansen, head of two-stroke promotion and customer support at MAN Energy Solutions reveals MAN ES plans to soft-launch the Ammonia engine (AEngine) development programme in an exclusive interview with The Motorship.

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    Swedish methanol conversion project targets smaller engine sizes


    A new project to develop dual-fuel kits for conversion of new and existing diesel engines to methanol operation has been launched. The project is being developed by marine design and engine developer ScandiNAOS AB, Chalmers University of Technology and the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) as a follow-up the successful conversion ...

  • MAN ES has rolled out an optimisation programme to improve the performance of its dual-fuel, low-pressure ME-GA engine.

    MAN ES Optimises ME-GA Engine Performance


    MAN Energy Solutions is rolling out an optimisation programme to improve the performance of its dual-fuel, low-pressure ME-GA engine before the first reference for its new two-stroke offering enters service.

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    Hanwha Group to acquire HSD Engine


    Hanwha Group has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a 33% stake in HSD Engine, the Korean engine builder, and intends to acquire the engine builder in the third quarter of 2023. 

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    BSM trials new WinGD predictive maintenance solution on LNGC


    A pilot project to trial a new engine diagnostics solution within WinGD’s engine monitoring and remote support platform is being undertaken on a vessel managed by Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM). WinGD notes that the solution represents an important step to enable smart, predictive maintenance for two-stroke engines.

  • The MAN B&W 6G60ME-C main engines aboard Tianjin Southwest’s Gas Libra (pictured) and Gas Scorpio will be retrofitted to dual-fuel MAN B&W 6G60ME-LGIP units capable of running on LPG.

    Tianjin Southwest opts for further LPG retrofits


    COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry (Guangdong) has announced that has been awarded the contract to retrofit the main engines aboard two LPG carriers operated by Tianjin Southwest Maritime Ltd., the Chinese gas carrier operator.

  • CSE completed the first 6UEC33LSE-C2-LPSCR engine equipped with a low-pressure SCR system in 2018.

    Chinese licensee agreement extended


    Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) and its Chinese partner, China State Shipbuilding Corporation Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (CSE), have signed an extension to the licensing agreement to build UE low-speed engines.

  • MAN Energy Solutions is collaborating with Denmark-based SH Defence to develop a range of modular Genset options for naval customers.

    MAN Signs MoU To Explore Modular Genset Options For Naval Market


    MAN Energy Solutions and SH Defence of Denmark have signed an MoU to explore the potential for collaboration regarding the development and use of MAN 175D GenSets in a modular capability for naval vessels to meet requirements worldwide.

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    WinGD and CMB.TECH to co-develop large NH3-fuelled engine


    Swiss marine power company WinGD and Belgian shipping and cleantech group CMB.TECH have signed an agreement on the development of ammonia-fuelled two-stroke engines. The companies aim to install the ammonia dual-fuel X72DF engine on a series of ten x 210,000 DWT bulk carriers to be built at a Chinese shipyard in 2025 and 2026.

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    RCCI engine will embed model-based control to optimise combustion


    Finland’s Clean Propulsion Technologies project is developing a medium-speed marine engine based on Reactivity Controlled Compression Ignition (RCCI) technology which is designed to take advantage of model-predictive control to optimise combustion in real time.

  • ABS is undertaking a joint development project with Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL) and PaxOcean Holdings Pte Ltd to conduct a study project to examine the possibility of converting the main engine of a container vessel to a methanol-fuelled dual-fuel engi

    ABS, PCL and PaxOcean in methanol conversion study


    Classification society ABS is participating in a study project to examine the possibility of converting the main engine of a container vessel to a methanol-fuelled dual-fuel engine.

  • Rolls-Royce has announced that it has successfully passed the first test runs of a modified mtu Series 4000 12-cylinder gas engine operating on pure hydrogen. The tests produced "very good results in terms of efficiency, power, emissions and combustion."

    Rolls-Royce Power Systems achieves 100% H2 operation


    Rolls-Royce has announced that it has conducted successful tests of a 12-cylinder mtu Series 4000 L64 gas engine running on 100% hydrogen fuel. The tests were conducted by the Power Systems business unit and were described by Rolls Royce as ”showing very good characteristics in terms of efficiency, performance, emissions ...

  • Imabari Shipbuilding formed a capital and business alliance with Japan Marine United (JMU) at the beginning of 2021.

    New Japanese Engine Force In The Making


    Japan’s largest shipbuilder is taking a stake in the country’s two-stroke engine production sector. A draft agreement has been signed for Imabari Shipbuilding’s intended 35% equity participation in a company to be created through the spin-off of Hitachi Zosen’s marine engine business.

  • Cargill Ocean Transportation and Mitsui & Co have placed an order with Tsuneishi Shipbuilding for the first methanol-fuelled bulkers.

    First methanol-fuelled bulkers for Cargill


    Cargill Ocean Transportation, the shipping arm of Cargill the international trading house, has confirmed plans to order 2 x dual-fuel Kamsarmax bulk carriers from Tsuneishi Shipbuilding in Japan. The order is the first for vessels equipped with engines capable of operating on methanol in the dry bulk segment.

  • MAN ES has confirmed plans to extend the range of LGIM engines to include a 450mm-bore engine in addition to its existing G50ME-C9.6-LGIM and S50ME-C9.7-LGIM options.

    New Option In Methanol Power


    Methanol-capable two-stroke propulsion options have been extended into a lower power range by MAN Energy Solutions in response to heightened interest in the fuel as a means of reducing shipping’s carbon footprint.

  • HHI-EMD completed the shop test of its methanol dual fuel HiMSEN engine (H32DF-LM) on 15 December at its facility in Ulsan in Korea.

    FAT complete for HHI-EMD’s first methanol engine


    The Engine & Machinery Division of Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI-EMD) has completed the world’s first factory acceptance test (FAT) for the methanol dual-fuel HiMSEN engine.

  • ABC’s 20EV23 engine provides a new, fuel-flexible option in the medium-speed market.

    Evolve Engine Reaches New Power Levels


    Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) has augmented its medium-speed range with a powerful, multi-fuel engine targeted mainly at passengership, ferry and naval applications. Covering an output range up to 7,200kW, the 20EV23 design is a 20-cylinder development of the Evolve platform, initially introduced just over a year ago in four-cylinder configuration.

  • MAN Energy Solutions will supply a mixed medium and high-speed power package for a second F-class jack-up wind installation vessel under construction at COSCO Heavy Industries.

    Medium and high speed MAN package to power Cadeler F-Class WTIV design


    MAN Energy Solutions is providing a unique mixed MAN medium and high-speed engine package for a wind-turbine installation vessel newbuilding project in China. The vessel will feature an engine configuration based on a mixed MAN medium- and high-speed engine concept with 2 × 6L32/44CR + 2 × 9L32/44CR + 2 ...

  • TORM has awarded MAN ES the contract to deliver its PrimeServ Assist digital service to 31 vessels in its fleet.

    TORM opts for PrimeServ Assist for multiple vessels in fleet


    MAN Energy Solutions has announced that it has won a contract from Danish shipping company, TORM, to deliver its PrimeServ Assist digital service to 31 vessels in the TORM fleet.

  • MAN ES’ latest dual-fuel four-stroke engine, the 49/60DF

    Electronic control gives 49/60DF its leading status


    MAN ES’ new engine owes it top-of-its-class efficiency and high power to new control systems