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  • VCR

    WinGD launches VCR solution for X-DF engines


    Winterthur-based two-stroke engine designer WinGD is adding a variable compression ratio option (VCR) to its engine portfolio, Marcel Ott, General Manager, Application Engineering at WinGD, explained to The Motorship

  • 6L35_44DF_CD_Technical_Left

    MAN launches new DF genset


    MAN Energy Solutions has launched an auxiliary MAN 35/44DF CD type engine. The engine, which has been developed in collaboration with STX Engine, has been developed to meet demand from the container and LNG carrier markets.

  • 722fdba9-a8fd-1330-4f4f-c0421c397d02

    WinGD inks NH3-fuelled vessel MoU with Mitsubishi


    WinGD and Japanese shipbuilder and technology developer Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd have signed an agreement to cooperate on the development of ammonia-fuelled vessels. 

  • Bjarne Foldager, Senior Vice President & Head of Two-stroke Business, MAN Energy Solutions

    Landmark Chinese order for MAN ME-LGIM engines


    MAN Energy Solutions has been awarded an order to supply the first S60 dual-fuel engines capable of operating on methanol. 

  • ABC 16DZD MeOH pic B

    Belgian Maker Unveils Methanol Engine


    Ghent-based medium-speed engine designer and manufacturer ABC Engines has added another string to its bow through the development of a methanol dual-fuel range. Covering the output band from 955kW up to 3,536kW, the new DZD MeOH series derives from the DZ engine family, and addresses the evolving needs of the Belgian company’s target markets in shipping, power generation and rail traction.

  • saisyuu1024_1

    J-ENG To Add NH3 and Conventional 60-Bore Variants To LSH Range


    Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) has announced that it plans to develop a successor to its low-speed UEC60LSE design. The development of the UEC60LSH engine will retain the LSH ultrawide rating concept, and is expected to meet very large gas carrier (VLGC) requirements, as well as Capesize bulk carriers, coal carriers and specialist car carriers.

  • Hanshin Diesel logo

    Low-Speed Four-Stroke Family Embraces Methanol


    Accelerating interest in methanol fuel among the shipping community has led to the unveiling of a new engine type in the Japanese low-speed, four stroke mould. 

  • ebaed781-2ce4-13bb-cf19-5c92bd9c2a83

    FCM Methanol LFSS for Chinese newbuildings


    Alfa Laval FCM Methanol has been selected as the low-flashpoint fuel supply system (LFSS) on board four dual-fuel container vessels.

  • afdae569-fd3f-4dba-bfeb-37e2ca035a9c

    MSC, LR and MAN ES in ammonia-fuelled boxship study


    Classification society Lloyds Register (LR) is participating in a study project with MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES), Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) to examine the possibility of developing a modified design of an 8,200 teu container vessel powered by an ammonia-fuelled dual-fuel engine.

  • H2 engine

    J-ENG targets September 2025 for first NH3-fuelled 2-stroke


    Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG) plans to complete the first demonstration two-stroke dual-fuel engine capable of operating on ammonia in September 2025.

  • 4b602964-3ce8-e16e-5fcd-49abb34799d4

    Japanese consortium completes land-based NH3-fuelled engine tests


    A Japanese consortium including Japan Engine Corporation (J-ENG), NYK Line, IHI Power Systems and Nihon Shipyard has successfully completed a land-based test for the stable combustion of ammonia as a fuel, using an 80:20 ammonia:natural gas co-firing ratio. 

  • GeneralCargoVessel_220223_08

    Enova to provide funding for NH3-fuelled coaster orders


    Skarv Shipping, a joint venture between Peak Group and Grieg Edge, has been awarded NOK130 million grant from Enova towards the cost of acquiring three low-emission cargo ships. 

  • wartsila 31 engine

    New Fuel Technologies Paired With Efficiency Developments For 4-Strokes


    The latest developments in engine efficiency are being applied to the new generation of multi-fuel 4-stroke engines

  • cat and svitzer handshake

    Cat and Svitzer take next steps on methanol adoption


    Caterpillar Marine and Svitzer have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to adopt solutions that enable Svitzer to use methanol in its fleet, furthering both companies’ ambition for using methanol as part of the marine industry’s decarbonisation. 

  • BulkCarrierCMBpoweredByAmmonia

    No laughing (gas) matter: Schneiter targets zero N2O in new X-DFA


    WinGD’s programme to develop dual-fuel two-stroke engines capable of operating on ammonia and methanol is advancing apace, Dominik Schneiter, WinGD’s Vice President R&D, tells The Motorship.

  • The MAN 175D high-speed engine

    MAN 175D ready to operate on 100% biofuel


    MAN Energy Solutions has announced that its MAN 175D engine is formally approved for operation on biofuels, effective immediately. This applies to all standard biofuels such as HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) and FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) fuels up to a content of 100%. Crucially, the engine itself does not require any technical adjustments, following the announcement.

  • 9eb5c526e6b0e76e_org

    Wärtsilä develops engine de-rating solution for 96-bore powered boxships


    Wärtsilä has developed a radical de-rating solution for customers operating larger container vessels that offers substantial reductions in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Berge Bulk

    ABS and Berge Bulk in methanol conversion project


    Classification society ABS is participating in a study project with Berge Bulk to examine the possibility of converting the main engine of a bulk carrier to a methanol-fuelled dual-fuel engine.

  • IMG-3009

    FAT Test for first 95-bore methanol engine


    MAN Energy Solutions has announced the successful conclusion of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) tests for its first 95-bore ME-LGIM engine in the first half at HHI-EMD’s facility in Ulsan, South Korea.

  • Cummins Danfoss Power Driftmaster vessel

    Cummins builds new marine partner network


    In its latest marine partnership, Cummins has teamed up with Danfoss Power Solutions’ Editron division to bring hybrid marine solutions to the global maritime market.