Alternative Lubricants

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    Fuel Flexibility Benefits of New Oil


    Chevron Marine Products has released a White Paper that outlines how four-stroke engine operators can benefit from the versatility offered by a new lubricating oil.

  • Trafigura whitepaper

    Whitepaper highlights the vital role of hydrogen


    New research highlights the vital role that hydrogen-based fuels will play in decarbonising shipping into the future.

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    Castrol begins global rollout of new Cat II cylinder oil


    Castrol has begun to make its new marine cylinder oil – Castrol Cyltech 40 XDC (eXtra Deposit Control) – available across key shipping hubs in South Korea, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Japan. The lubricant supplier plans to expand supply globally this year.

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    Lubricants for 2-stroke methanol engines gaining service experience


    Newly developed 40 BN lubricants will gain service experience with the growing uptake of methanol dual-fuel 2-stroke engines.

  • ExxonMobil has initiated laboratory studies to explore the effects of ammonia/oil blends on lubricant characteristics and performance, Willie Givens, Marine Technology Solutions Principal at ExxonMobil told The Motorship.

    Operating experience is vital, says ExxonMobil


    Lube oil developers face many unknown factors as they develop suitable oils for ammonia-fuelled engines, according to Willie Givens, Marine Technology Solutions Principal at ExxonMobil.

  • Serge Dal Farra, Lubmarine Marketing Manager

    Key Steps to Delivering Effective Engine Lubrication


    Serge Dal Farra, Lubmarine Marketing Manager, outlines 3 steps towards an effective engine lubrication strategy including selecting the right engine oil, proper monitoring, and engineer support.

  • Steel coupon after exposure to ammonia

    Corrosion and compatibility: the real test for Lubrizol


    For lube oil developers, two factors stand out when it comes to planning for ammonia-fuelled engines: corrosion and compatibility. For additive supplier Lubrizol, both have been subjected to rigorous review and testing. Steel after exposure to ammonia Source: Lubrizol Testing demonstrating corrosive effect of ammonia on metals ...

  • WinGD is collaborating with lubricant suppliers to gain a better understanding as to how ammonia will interact with lubricant additives

    Lube oil is an engine component, says WinGD


    How an engine will be lubricated is just as important as any other design detail when developing new dual-fuel engines, Dr Bartosz Rozmyslowicz, WinGD’s Senior Expert, Fuels and Lubricants, tells The Motorship

  • Mari Innovator, a third-generation built methanol dual-fueled MR product/chemical IMO 2/3 type tanker, delivered September 2021, built by HMD, Korea

    Chevron white paper assesses future cylinder oil needs


    Ship operators will need thermally resilient, low-ash formulations and high cleaning performance from cylinder oils as they begin to use more advanced engines and new fuels, according to a new white paper published by Chevron Marine Lubricants.