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    Fortescue moves ahead with hydrogen ambitions in Brazil’s northeast


    Australia-based natural resources company Fortescue has received the first preliminary license to produce green hydrogen in the northeastern state of Ceará in Brazil.


    French industry-academic collaboration to focus on PEM electrolysis


    Elogen, a French leader in PEM (proton electron membrane) electrolysis, Université Paris-Saclay and France’s national scientific research institute, CNRS, have signed an agreement to create a joint research laboratory.

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    LR Type Approval for BeHydro’s dual-fuel H2-engine


    Lloyd’s Register (LR) has awarded Type Approval to a hydrogen-powered dual-fuel engine developed by BeHydro, a joint venture between CMB.TECH and Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC). It is the first Type Approval for a dual-fuel hydrogen engine.

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    HiMSEN To Target Stationary Market With Pure-Hydrogen Engine


    HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine & Machinery Division (HD HHI-EMD) has clarified that it plans to target the stationary market when it launches a pure-gas four-stroke hydrogen-fuelled engine in 2025, with plans to launch the engine for maritime applications likely to depend on market demand.

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    South African ports plan their hydrogen roadmap


    Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) has issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the development of a terminal facility and related facilities for hydrogen initiatives at its commercial seaports.

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    HiMSEN confirms 2025 pure-hydrogen engine launch plans


    HD Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine & Machinery Division (HHI-EMD) has announced that it plans to commercialise a pure-gas four-stroke hydrogen-fuelled marine engine concept and that it anticipates a 2025 market launch for the engine. 

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    Nordic Roadmap on course to a greener future


    The Nordic Roadmap is plotting a course towards a greener future of shipping

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    Deal to develop infrastructure for H2-fuelled tugs for Port of Hamburg


    Plans to operate the first tugs on hydrogen in the Port of Hamburg took a step forward in October after tug operator Fairplay Towage signed a memorandum of understanding with energy company Mabanaft Group. The MoU commits the two companies to collaborate on the supply of hydrogen to Fairplay’s new tugs in the Port of Hamburg from 2025. 

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    Shortlisted US hydrogen hubs to receive $7bn funding


    Ambitious plans to establish a number of regional hydrogen hubs across the United States moved closer after the US administration announced a final short list of seven regional projects on 13 October. 

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    ClassNK awards world’s first AiP for H2-fuelled 2-stroke vessel design


    ClassNK has issued an Approval in Principle (AiP) for a hydrogen-fuelled multi-purpose vessel using Japan Engine’s (J-ENG) large low-speed two-stroke hydrogen-fuelled engine as a main mover. The AiP is the world’s first for a ship equipped with such a large low-speed two-stroke hydrogen-fuelled engine.

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    Successful lab test advances Norwegian fuel cell project


    Norwegian technology provider HAV Group’s hydrogen-focused subsidiary HAV Hydrogen and Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) have completed a successful laboratory test of a hydrogen fuel cell in combination with a maritime control system. 


    CMB.TECH wins first orders for marine DF hydrogen-fuelled gensets


    CMB.TECH, the Belgium-based engine developer, has announced that it has received the first order for the world’s first dual-fuel hydrogen gensets for marine applications. The engines will be built in collaboration with Netherlands-based engine builder DBR, which will be responsible for the construction and delivery of the dual-fuel hydrogen gensets.

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    KSOE investment deepens SOFC focus


    A subsidiary of HD Hyundai Group, Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co., Ltd. (KSOE), has signed a strategic investment of EUR45 million (US$47.6m) in a UK-based solid oxide fuel cell developer and manufacturer, Elcogen. 

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    MAN ES joins maritime H2-fuelled 4-stroke engine concept project


    MAN Energy Solutions has announced that it is joining a research project to jointly develop 4-stroke hydrogen-fuelled marine engine concepts. 

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    Ammonia SOFC Feasible For Deepsea Container Ships


    Researchers in Singapore have concluded it is feasible to use an SOFC fuel cell with an integrated ammonia cracker to power large, deepsea container ships in the future.

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    Ammonia cracking technology could face headwinds despite its advantages


    Existing ammonia transport systems and infrastructure may give it an advantage over hydrogen as a new fuel, and while ammonia cracking will likely play a key role, there are challenges to overcome with scaling up the technology.

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    First reference for Corvus gas-safe PEMFC solution


    In a first for Corvus Energy, its inherently gas-safe Pelican hydrogen PEM fuel cell solution has been specified for a retrofit installation on board a fishing and training vessel operated by a Norwegian educational establishment. The 35-metre long vessel will be the first of its kind, combining both fuel cells and batteries in a fishing vessel.

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    Reforming LNG provides clear path to H2 operations


    The ability to transition from LNG to H2 onboard many different ship sizes and types could change the shipping industry’s expected multi-fuel future paradigm.

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    Green fuel potential along the Suez Canal


    Talks have taken place to discuss the potential of green hydrogen projects along the Suez Canal.

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    Japanese shipowners join LH2 transportation and carrier consortium


    Three of Japan’s largest shipowners have agreed to join a Kawasaki Heavy Industries-led consortium that is seeking to develop a maritime liquefied hydrogen (LH2) supply chain for imports into Japan.