Lubmarine is a specialized marine lubricants business which provides innovative solutions to the global shipping industry.

Headquartered in Nanterre - France - as part of TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, we have a presence in over 100 countries and 1000 ports around the world. We provide local support to our global maritime industry customers with a pioneering range of marine lubricants and greases.

Our History

Our history began in 1952, when Antar, a small petroleum business in France, began supplying marine lubricants to some 40 steam vessels. Elf Aquitaine expanded this activity internationally in 1961 when it created Lubmarine, a worldwide network of partners and distributors dedicated to marketing and supplying the same high-quality marine lubricants, backed by industry-leading customer services around the world.

Over 69 years later, Lubmarine - a division within TotalEnergies, a broad energy company – is now one of the leading marine lubricants suppliers and our products and services are trusted to protect the marine engines and auxiliary equipment on board over 7,000 vessels each year.

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    Lubmarine - Lubrication of gas-powered marine engines with TALUSIA UNIVERSAL

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    IMO2020 regulation has transitioned the shipping industry towards lower sulfur fuel oils and has encouraged the exploration of options to meet stricter gas emission reduction targets. With new fuels and engine technologies coming into play, engine lubrication must adapt to help ship operators achieve safer operations, and higher levels of ...