Company Videos - Auramarine Ltd

Auramarine Jinshan New Factory Opening Ceremony, April 2023
On April 19, 2023 the grand opening ceremony of Auramarine Asia’s new factory was held in Jinshan, Shanghai in China. More than 100 guests from the Finnish and Chinese governments, as well as Auramarine’s customers and partners, gathered to celebrate this momentous ceremony.

Auramarine solutions for Marine, Power and Process Industries
Auramarine is known as a leading provider of fuel supply systems for Marine industry. But did you know that we also serve the Power and Process industries with a wide range of auxiliary units? In order to support the uptake of low emission fuels, we are committed to ensuring that your fuel supply system delivers the best operational safety and performance

Auramarine High Capacity Plant Cooling Systems
High-capacity pumping stations are equipped with electric motors that operate the water pumps, and other equipment such as chillers, HVAC systems, and lube oil pumps. All these components require cooling to ensure the continuation of operations and steady water flow – an element that is particularly important in hot ambient conditions. Auramarine cooling units are suitable for all pumping station equipment, including crucial support at unmanned stations; supporting critical cooling requirements to maintain the designated temperature for individual components and maintain safe and smooth operations.