CR Ocean Engineering provides exhaust gas cleaning systems (SCRUBBERS) that help ship owners meet 2015 (0.1%S) and 2020 (0.5%S) sulfur emissions compliance, without the expense of low-sulfur fuel.

The system is also used as the required cleaning step ahead of CO2 Capture and Sequestration (CCS).

These sulfur regulations have gone into effect in two phases. First, on January 2015 IMO imposed the European and North America Emission Control Areas (ECAs), limiting diesel emissions to 0.1% sulfur equivalency. Second, on January 1st, 2020 the Global 0.5% sulfur equivalency rules went into enforced. As with the 0.1% sulfur ECAs, the Global 0.5% requirement present shipping companies with the choice of using the more expensive, and less available, lower sulfur fuel or use alternate technologies such as Scrubbing Systems. In 2025 we will also see 0.1%S regulations applied to the Mediterranean.

CROE leverages over 60 years of experience in air pollution controls to develop scrubbing system solutions for the maritime industry. These marine scrubbers are available in three basic configurations: Open-Loop (once through scrubber using seawater); Closed-Loop (a recirculating scrubber using freshwater or sweater with caustic or magnesium hydroxide); Hybrid (a combination of both designs) for maximum flexibility. These scrubbers are also used to pre-clean the exhaust gas prior to decarbonization.

CROE Scrubbers are available for new builds and as retrofits to existing ships. CR OCEAN Engineering has sales, service and manufacturing strategically located around the globe. (Nick Confuorto, Senior Advisor).

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