Damen is an international shipyard group but, at heart, we are still a family company. Whatever we do – whether it’s in our building activities or our services – we always aim to match our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.

Ship Repair & Ship Conversion

Damen Shipyards Group delivers up to 180 vessels each year. In fact, we have built more than 6,000 ships since 1969. And because we maintain an average stock of 200 hulls, some already with basic outfitting, we can guarantee quick delivery times.

Our reputation is based on delivering short lead times for repairs, high quality work and minimal vessel downtime. With our highly skilled teams and years of experience we are able to repair all kinds of damage; whether or not we built the vessel. Our repair shipyards are located throughout the world in easily accessible ports. At our yards we have all the facilities required to get our customers on their way as soon as possible, and Damen always offers internationally competitive rates.

Ballast Water Management

Several years prior to the ratification Damen recognised the need to start addressing the ballast water management challenge. We began investing in the development of ballast water treatment products and solutions. This led to the establishment of a new company Damen Green Solutions B.V. which is situated next to Damen’s headquarters in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. Our priorities were to:

* Evaluate the solutions available in the market
* Establish partnerships with the leading manufacturers
* Create retrofit service packages that cover every aspect of the design, installation and compliance process
* Design a mobile in-port ballast water treatment unit
* Make the systems and services available throughout Damen’s global network

With at least 60,000 vessels needing to comply with international ballast water treatment legislation in the near future, Damen Green Solutions now offers a range of cost-effective options for ship owners from one stop retrofitting to a pioneering mobile ballast water treatment unit, which is the first of its kind in the world.