Datum Electronics is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of marine shaft power meters, specifically designed to monitor engine performance, improve propulsion performance and reduce fuel consumption.

Datum Electronics is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of shaft power measurement solutions and torque measurement devices. Fully modular and maintenance free, Datum’s Shaft Power Meters accurately monitor the performance of a ship’s transmission systems, leading to operational savings and improved fuel efficiency.

The Torsion Meter provides ongoing power monitoring data on ships and measures torque, power, RPM and thrust in real time. Unlike other shaft power meters, it can be installed in places with a limited space, including propulsion shafts, thrusters, auxiliary generators, controllable pitch propellers, dredge pumps and diesel generators.

The system is fully modular and can be used on shafts of 150 -1,100 mm diameter, with rotational speeds of 900 rpm. Having RS485, USB, Modbus, Ethernet, RS232 and analogue (0-10V/4-20mA) outputs, the Datum torque meter is simple to integrate, with various existing ship performance monitoring systems.

Our systems are successfully used to evaluate and improve:

  • Engine Performance
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Ship Condition Changes
  • Propulsion
  • Propeller Condition
  • Hull Condition

Our naval shaft power meter has been through rigorous MOD Def Stan and MIL Spec testing programmes, including shock, vibration and EMC. The system is NATO codified and successfully deployed by the Royal Navy and other Navies around the world.

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