The solution to your vibration problems

Today’s low speed two-stroke engines generate severe forces that can lead to damaging vibrations. Vibrations can also derive from the propellers e.g. on LNG tankers.
This applies continuous stress on vulnerable equipment, reduces your flexibility to operate and harms your crew’s physical and mental health.
Conventional countermeasures involve massive steel reinforcement, yet they only tackle the symptom instead of the actual source of the vibration.
Installing one of our compensators eliminates the damaging vibrations. It is a very simple, yet effective solution to your vibration problems.

Easy installation
Installation of a compensator is a simple project that does not interfere with the operation of the vessel. Our compensators can be delivered as a turnkey solution including cables, brackets, system components, installation and commissioning. We act as project managers until the system is working.

Effortless operation
Once the compensator is commissioned, no further adjustments or daily operational attention is needed. The compensator can be considered as an integrated part of the main engine. We simply recommend overhaul every 20,000 hours.

Benefits of installing a vibration compensator

  • No need for heavy and complicated reinforcements
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment and electronics
  • Saves maintenance time and operational cost
  • Increases crew welfare and health
  • Enables sailing at optimal RPM for unrestricted operation and reduced fuel consumption

Retrofitting Marinvest’s Mt Marilee with a 6th Order C-20H Vibration Compensator
Originally, the product tanker was built without a vibration compensator. However, after a period, it was not possible to operate at lower rpm (slow steaming) due to vibrations.
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