Established in 1974, SCARDANA® provides services for ships and stationary power plants worldwide, including comprehensive spare parts supply for slow and medium speed diesel engines.

SCARDANA® offers one of the world's most effective sourcing and procurement services for all types of machinery associated with power generation and ship's propulsion; including turbo chargers and parts, all types of pumps, oil purifiers, heat exchangers, compressors, fuel injection, control systems; filters + filter systems, all sizes of electrical motors, gensets, gears, major valves and electrical components. Specifically for ships, SCARDANA® supplies all types and sizes of anchors and chain, mooring lines, towing wire, bollards, winches, blocks and tackle.

Apart from Antarctica (so far), SCARDANA® supplies parts and equipment to regular clients on all continents.

Remember always get a quote from SCARDANA® for:

- Anchors & chain (with Class Certificate)
- Mooring Lines (made in Europe)
- Pumps & parts (all Shipboard Pumps)
- Electrical Motors (all sizes)
- Purifiers & Parts (all models)
- Generator Engine parts (most models)
- Turbo chargers & parts (most models)
- Winches & parts, Brake Lining, Friction Materials
- Compensators, Expansion Joints and Bellows
- Compressors & parts (most models)
- Wire & Towing Wire (all sizes)
- Valves (all shipboard types & sizes)
- Filters (all shipboard types & sizes)
- Crankshafts, Camshafts, Conrods & Bearings
- Heat exchangers & Charge Air Coolers
- Pistons, Crowns, Skirts, Pins & Rings
- Cylinder Liners & covers (most models)
- Blowers, Fans & Ducts (all sizes)
- Gauges, Thermometers, Sensors, Instruments
- Gensets & Engines, new, used
- Fuel Injection, comprehensive supply
- Compensators, Expansion Joints & Bellows (all types & models)
- Oily Water Separators, latest technology

SCARDANA® the preferred procurement contractor

Worldwide since 1974