Vessel machinery, whether engine room or deck equipment, is expected to operate in extremely harsh conditions and is subject to dynamic outside influences rarely encountered on land.

As such the need for a rigid and thorough maintenance schedule is sacrosanct and well known in the industry.

Accelerated wear and what the insurance industry calls “catastrophic failure” (beyond repair with collateral damage) is nothing new to vessel operators. Add to this reduced manning levels and de-skilling and the likelihood of failure is regrettably increased many fold. Operators can however improve matters by adopting sophisticated yet simple condition monitoring practices that require minor intervention by the vessels crew, nor complex interpretation by shore staff.

Machinery that requires lubrication is the most likely to wear and subsequently fail if the lubricant becomes contaminated, breaks down or subjected to external stress from component overload. Visual indicators are often way too late and irreparable damage may well have already occurred. Today the practice of oil analysis as a maintenance procedure is widespread and as with all disciplines there are different levels of competence, service and application.

Spectro | Jet-Care are leaders in equipment condition monitoring for the global marine industry and with over 45 years of specialist knowledge our high precision services ensure better understanding of the health of equipment as well as oil performance and condition, combined with unrivalled customer service.

The analysis of oil, hydraulic fluid, debris particles, filters, grease and fuel samples is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from our three ISO 17025:2017 accredited laboratories based in the UK, USA and Switzerland. The data generated can also anticipate equipment faults through precise analysis trending techniques as well as bringing optimal operation and maintenance performance.