VescoPlastics is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of low friction, low wear polymer bearing materials for a wide range of industries in over 100 countries across the globe.

Vesconite, and Vesconite Hilube, in particular, are ideal for the submerged and corrosive conditions of the marine industry.

Suited to both dry and underwater applications, Vesconite’s internal lubricants allow for prolonged life where the setting is characterized by irregular greasing schedules, or no greasing at all. Unlike most bearing materials, Vesconite offers long wear life and a high load-bearing capacity with no distortion or delamination, despite the wet and abrasive working environment. Vesconite is easily removed and refitted, saving in costly downtime.

Over the past 40 years, hundreds of industrial and leisure marine applications – from yachts to supertankers – have been equipped with Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube, testifying to its success in this industry.

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