Deputy Secretary General, ICS

Simon Bennett 004

As secretary to the Board of Directors, Simon is responsible for coordinating overall development and representation of ICS positions on a wide range of issues, from environmental performance to the maintenance of free trade principles, and helping the Board to determine and deliver on ICS priorities. This includes the promotion of global regulation for a global industry, which is sound and carefully considered, and ensuring that shipping’s regulators fully understand the implications of their important decisions.

“I like to think of myself as an ICS stalwart, proud to be associated with an organisation that enjoys genuine influence among the bodies and regulators that are shaping the future of our fantastic industry.“

A history graduate from Oxford University, during a 30 year career with ICS, Simon has represented the industry at, among others, IMO, ILO, the UN in New York, UNFCCC, UNCTAD, OECD, WCO and WTO, as well as APEC and the EU.

A particular current focus for Simon is leading the industry’s response to the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.