Chevron Marine Products

Chevron Marine Products

Chevron and our legacy companies Texaco® and Caltex® have been leaders in marine lubricatioin for more than a century. We played an important role in meeting the lubrication needs of the earliest marine turnbine engines. Our list of satisfied customers has extended from the U.S. Navy to small craft owners.

Our earliest predecessor, Pacific Coast Oil Co., was incorporated in 1879 in San Fransisco.

During the 1900s Texaco began supplying the U.S.S. Delaware and the U.S. Navy with marine oils. By the 1930s, Texaco marine products were available at over 400 ports.

In the 1950s we introduced onboard lubrication test kits that remain an essential part of our service today.

By the 1980s Chevron marketed 29 different types of marine greases and oils, and sold more than 10 million gallons per year.

As of 2020, we are an inustry leading supplier of marine lubricants, greases and coolants delivering security of supply and local customer support at regional hubs.