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    Restoring damaged propeller blades to their original condition


    When damage to propellers occurs due to impact with ice and other debris Hydrex can help shipowners, even if the damage is quite extensive.

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    Wide range of underwater operations across Europe


    Hydrex is available at all times for its customers. The company knows how important it is to have a resource you can rely on whenever you need to. Therefore their teams are ready to mobilize on an immediate basis to locations across Europe, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean.

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    Scrubber overboard pipe repairs in Belgium, France, Spain and Malta


    Recently Hydrex diver/technicians carried out scrubber overboard pipe repairs in ports in Belgium, France, Malta and Spain. On a 397-meter container ship two pipes were replaced while one pipe was replaced on an oil tanker. In all cases the pipes were protected with a corrosion resistant coating produced by Subsea Industries.

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    Underwater bow thruster repairs


    As you can read in the examples below, Hydrex diver/technicians can perform a wide range of repair or maintenance work on all types of thrusters.

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    Looking back at 2021


    The past year has been a very successful one for Subsea Industries. Several ships came into drydock after sailing with Ecospeed for many years, some well over 10 years. The result was always the same: The coating was still in excellent condition and did not need to be replaced. A large number of new applications of the company’s different coating systems this year have also been completed.

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    Stern tube seal repairs close to home and far away


    Hydrex has developed a flexible mobdock repair method that enables the underwater replacement of all types and sizes of shaft seals. This technology has been successfully used for many years. It allows ship owners to keep their vessel sailing, saving precious time and money.

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    Stern tube seal repairs above and below the waterline


    Recently Hydrex divers carried out six stern tube seal operations all across Europe in a very short time span. In this article you can read about two of those. In Flushing the four damaged seals of a 268-meter container vessel were replaced underwater with our flexible mobdock technique. In Antwerp ...

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    Underwater bow thruster reinstallation in Italy


    A month after a Hydrex diver/technicians removed the bow thruster of a 300-meter container vessel a team once again mobilized to Italy. They reinstalled the overhauled unit underwater with the use of the company’s flexible mobdock technique.